Communication Through Art and Music Integrated With ICT

Project Coordinator

Organisation: Malatya Science and Art Center

Telephone number: +904222380333


Address: Tutgut Ozal Bulvarı 117/7 Karakavak Mah. Yesilyurt / Malatya , TR


Project Information

Identifier: 2017 – 1 – TR01 – KA 219 – 046529

Start Date: Sep 1,2017

End Date : Aug 31,2019

EC Contribution:


Gimnazjum im.marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego w Psarach, (PL), Istituto Comprensivo Laura Lanza Baronessa di Carini, (IT), Toli Zordumis, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (MK)

Topics: ICT,Web 2.0 Tools, Technology based education,digital competences;Quality improvement, CLIL technique, Art and Music, Smart,sustainable,inclusive growth,Innovative teaching and learning techniques.



Project Summary

In a constantly changing and developing world communal living is also getting more complicated and multidimensional.This requires improving the quality of our education.To get involved this innovation movement and live in contemporary knowledge society, a needs analysis in education has been done.It is determined that we need to enhance our pupils,teachers and schools’ capacity in key skills like communication in foreign languages,competences in science/technology,digital competence,learning to learn,interpersonal, intercultural and social competences and cultural expression set out by the European Commission.Thus,we have developed ‘Communication Through Art and Music Integrated with ICT’ Project.
The project has been developed in partnership with 4 schools Poland ,Macedonia, Italy and Turkey. Each of them brings to the project a unique experience enriching its scope and dimension. Poland;has know-how of the Erasmus projects,innovative methods ,teaching various European languages,has openness. Pupils are good at ceramics and florist works.
Macedonia; Having ethnically different background pupils (Albanian, Roma, Serbian),enriches our project.Pupils are talented in music and art.
Italy;is located in a disadvanted area for social-economic aspects but the school staff enhances the inside of the school by joining many innovation promoting activities.Organizes teacher-training courses.Uses ICT,cross-curricular,CLIL methods.
Turkey; promoter of the project, is responsible for the organizational,methodological, and financial coordination.The main-coordinator of valorizing results, project management and report.Pupils are gifted and talented in art/music.
Objectives of the Project are.
*To compare methods of teaching and learning, values of education, school organization and curriculum in order to look for pedagogical innovations.
*To broaden the potential of ICT; increasing the quantity of digital natives among all partners’ teachers,pupils,parents and other stakeholders who are the target groups.
*To cultivate mutual respect, intercultural awareness and embed common educational values,to meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU.
*To engage in cross-cultural learning experience;enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies,
*Students will build and develop the 21st century skills: Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity etc.
4 transnational meetings will take place:The kickoff meeting will be in Turkey and Italy will give a short teacher-trainning course on ICT.Italy,Poland and Macedonia will also host pupils.
Throughout the Project students will see the work of other artists,writers and filmmakers in order to see how others have used art and music as a medium for communication and the articulation of ideas,opinions and emotion in their work.This will be further exercised by an activity during which the pupils describe artworks from their own national art tradition.They will also compose their own songs together to have some concerts.Besides using ICT (for instance skype,videoconferencing and distance learning) they will have a chance to learn each others’ language and sing the songs in each others’ language.Each country will introduce tehir own musical instruments.There will be an expedition showing the pupils artworks in Macedonia.After it there will be a mini concert.These results will be shared online on social media and be presented for the other schools to see on the website.
A sample lesson integrated with interdisciplinary teaching method will be done at Ogrodzieniec,Poland.The history teacher can give information about the history of that place,the geograhy teacher can tell the geographical structure,the biology teacher can inform the pupils about the plant growing there,music teacher can lead the pupils compose a song by the voices of nature or they can draw the pictures of nature,the literature teacher can lead the students to write poams or stories or the teachers from diverse countries may teach terms of nature in their own language to the pupils.This kind of a lesson will help students to use language to learn, learn to use language and which at the same time means usage of CLIL technique.