Malatya Science and Art Center (MSAC) educating gifted and talented students including elementary,middle and high school students is an independent special education center has been opened to develop in a way that does not disrupt students’ education in formal educational institutions.It aims to make students aware of their individual ability and capacity to ensure utilization at the highest level. Our center which is project-based and student-centered.

Malatya Science and Art Center is located in the west part of Malatya and it takes nearly 15 minutes to get city center by car. Malatya is a large city in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey and the capital of Malatya Province.

Our center was founded in 2005. Since its foundation Malatya SAC has worked towards developing a unique identity by consolidating its various programs.

At Malatya Science and Art Center there are 582 students,1 principal,1 assistant principal, 2 attendants and 27 teachers.Our center providing triple education has been recognised provincial, regional and countrywide for its success.Both pupils and teachers need to take some exams to enter this center.Pupils have to take some exams for talent (pictures and music) and IQ tests (WNV) and get 130 points or over it to enter this school.In the field of special training orientation,supporting education,promotig the awareness of

individual skills,improving the special skills,producing and implementing projects services are given.

There are max 7 students in each unit.There are 1 counseling service,4 painting and visual arts studios (workspace & exhibition space),1 handcraft workshop,2 music practice room,musical instruments for practice and hire,1 multipurpose hall,SAC musical societies,study spaces,1 library,and 1 social sciences lab, 1 ICT lab,1 Physics lab,1 Chemistry lab,1 Biology lab,1 language lab,26 units for each subject,a museum exhibiting tools used in Malatya in past times,1 virtual reality studio,1 robotics studio and 1 archive.We also have many workshops on robotics,science,mind and brain games,drama,creative writing,traditional arts,visual arts,music,aeronautics and space,astronomy,geology,developing software,timber craft and hobby,speed reading techniques.

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