This is a KA219 has been developed in partnership with 4 schools Poland ,Macedonia, Italyand Turkey. Each of them brings to the project a unique experience enriching its scope and dimension. With this project social-content subjects and science-content subjects can be taught through interdisciplinary approach in a ICT-based teaching atmosphere which enables pupils have international experiences.By integrating ICT tools learning and teaching techniques used at international and European dimension to our education systems,our staff will improve their,pupils’ and schools’ overall capacity.

CTAMIWI Project is derived from the need for; *effective usage of ICT and web 2.0 tools based on learning /teaching activities and methods by pupils and teachers *creating enjoyable learning atmospeheres based on innovative and creative educational tools and methods. * expanding the national educational methodology to a transnational scope, making inclusion and integration a social and cultural enrichment * Improving the language competence of the students involved in the project.